Crowds celebrate another successful Boat Building Academy launch


Eight boats built by the Boat Building Academy’s class of September 2014 were launched for the first time on Wednesday 10th June 2015.  Built as part of the class’s intensive 38 week training, each boat was walked from the Academy’s workshops on Monmouth Beach down to Lyme Regis harbour, where a crowd of three hundred people gathered to see the latest fleet.

The seventeen students, who formed the Class of September 2014, joined the Academy from diverse places and a variety of backgrounds. Many joined as beginners but, after 38 weeks, their boats were a testament to their new skills across modern and traditional wooden and composite boat building.

10' 'Swallow' dinghy. Photo by Becky Brown

10′ ‘Swallow’ dinghy. Photo by Becky Brown

Following a short speech from Director of the Academy, Tim Gedge, and former Mayor of Lyme Regis, Sally Holman, champagne corks popped as the boats went into the water for the first time.

20' Seabird Half Rater. Photo by Becky Brown.

20′ Seabird Half Rater. Photo by Becky Brown.

The boats launched in the following order:

In sunny yet blustery conditions, the Seabird Half Rater and Mallard dinghy sailed across the choppy bay, with the other boats remaining within the famous Cobb.

18' Guillemot Kayaks Night Heron. Photo by Paul Dyer.

18′ Guillemot Kayaks Night Heron. Photo by Paul Dyer.

The boats returned to the workshop in the afternoon, where the guests and Academy gathered to celebrate the launch and the end of the course. Principal Yvonne Green said a few words about each of the students before they were presented with their City & Guilds and Boat Building Academy certificates.

22' Nordlands boat. Photo by Paul Dyer.

22′ Nordlands boat. Photo by Paul Dyer.

Our latest Your Projects divulge the boat builders’ secrets on what’s involved in undertaking the intensive course. Find out about the Mallard dinghy and the ‘Whilly Tern’ and how epoxy was used in the builds.

For further details about the Boat Building Academy and the 38 week ‘Boat Building, Maintenance and Support’ course please see or contact Rebecca Brown at or on 01297 445545.


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