epoxy for high-performance composites

PRO-SET® composite products include a specialist range of epoxy systems from infusion epoxies and wet lay-up systems to adhesives, accessories and fairing compounds. Read on to find out more about PRO-SET products.

Primarily, people use PRO-SET products to build high-performance, lightweight composite structures that can withstand the harshest environments. For instance, from automotive parts to wind turbine blades to hi-tech hulls. In essence, PRO-SET epoxy can enhance the strength and durability of practically any composite component.

We designed the PRO-SET resin-hardener combinations for use in wet lay-up procedures involving woven and multi-axial glass, aramid, carbon-fibre, and hybrid fabrics. We specifically formulated these combinations for laminating. Subsequently, they were also optimised for infusion, tooling, and assembly.

We recently reformulated and expanded the range to better meet the demands of modern composite manufacturing. All the new formulations provide improved handling characteristics with excellent cure profiles. We designed them to help companies fulfil orders rapidly and competitively.

In the event that these standard formulations do not match your precise requirements, we, as part of the Wessex Resins & Adhesives, are able to work with you. Together, we can create custom epoxy systems which exactly meet your requirements. Notably, turnaround times are fast. We are able to provide customised PRO-SET formulations in relatively small volumes.

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