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still the best – WEST SYSTEM®

The WEST SYSTEM range is a pioneer of all marine-grade epoxy systems.

After nearly five decades of continuous innovation, people still recognise the WEST SYSTEM range of epoxy as one of the best general-purpose marine grade epoxies in the world. We formulated it to ensure ease of use and we also offer the best technical support to all our customers.

Originally developed for boatbuilding, the superior strength and moisture resistance of WEST SYSTEM epoxy has made it the number one choice for marine repair and maintenance. It is also a firm favourite of many marine manufacturers, including Spirit Yachts, Princess and Sunseeker.

The breadth of the complete product line matches the performance of WEST SYSTEM epoxy. It includes an epoxide resin, a full suite of epoxide hardeners and epoxy-related products, such as fillers and additives, as well as the application tools needed to use the products.

And, by consulting our selection guides, it’s easy to find the right product for your needs from the WEST SYSTEM range.

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 the WEST SYSTEM range of epoxy