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Friday 17th April 2015

Are you looking for a practical way to increase your skills and knowledge of using epoxy?

If so, West System International is hosting a special event for boat owners wanting to gain expert knowledge and hands-on experience of using WEST SYSTEM® epoxy to construct, repair and maintain their own boats.

The workshop will be run by our team of technical experts who have years of knowledge and expertise to share.  

Why attend the workshop?

You will gain unique experience of using epoxy, having the opportunity to mix as much epoxy as you like, as well as experimenting with the entire range of WEST SYSTEM fillers for bonding, gap filling, filleting and fairing.

Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to practice your new skills by building a wooden tool box to take home, and using epoxy and fibreglass fabrics to complete a sheathing exercise.

What will the course cover?

The workshop will feature a mix of demonstrations, education and practical exercises, including:

  • The different uses of epoxy for building, repair and maintenance, including which products to use for different jobs
  • How to complete basic repairs to a hull and deck
  • Using fillers for key boat building, repair and maintenance applications, including bonding, gap filling, filleting and fairing
  • How to effectively mix and apply epoxy
  • How to use WEST SYSTEM epoxy and fibreglass fabrics to complete a sheathing exercise
  • How to use epoxy safely, including key health and safety considerations

The workshop will feature an open forum at the end of the day to give you the opportunity to discuss your epoxy projects and specific questions with our team.

How much does the workshop cost?

The one-day course costs £155. This includes a light buffet lunch, over £50 of WEST SYSTEM epoxy and the wooden toolbox you’ll make on the day.

To book your place on this essential course, or for more information, please call 01794 521111 or email: courses@westsysteminternational.com.

About WEST SYSTEM epoxy

After nearly five decades of continuous innovation, WEST SYSTEM epoxy is one of the best general-purpose marine grade epoxies in the world.

Developed specifically for boatbuilding, the superior strength and moisture resistance of WEST SYSTEM epoxy have made it the number one choice for marine repair and maintenance. It is also a firm favourite of many marine manufacturers, including Spirit Yachts, Princess and Sunseeker.

The performance of WEST SYSTEM epoxy is matched by the breadth of the complete product line. It includes an epoxide resin, a full suite of epoxide hardeners and epoxy-related products, such as fillers and additives, as well as the application tools needed to use the products.

For more information, please visit: http://www.westsysteminternational.com/en/west-system/west-system.html



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