Using WEST SYSTEM G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive for wood and metal


Experienced woodturner Viv Broughton uses quick-setting epoxy to secure elements of his wide portfolio of pieces. He gave us a quick tour of his workshop in Hampshire to explain the role of WEST SYSTEM® G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive.

Viv uses WEST SYSTEM G/5 Five-minute adhesive (epoxy resin) for his projects

Viv Broughton formerly worked in print and design but now focuses his creativity on wood turning and has a keen eye for detail.

Viv Broughton has a passion for wood. He works out of a small but well-equipped studio in a sleepy village in Hampshire where he creates some remarkable works of art. These he sells at craft shows, independent gift retailers and by commission. Each unique piece is made by hand and epoxy plays a major role in securing sections together prior to turning. He also uses quick setting WEST SYSTEM G/5 Five Minute Adhesive to attach metal components directly to a variety of finished items to add an extra layer of aesthetics.

WEST SYSTEM G/5 Five Minute Adhesive (epoxy resin) is great for marine / boat building and other projects.

WEST SYSTEM G/5 Five Minute Adhesive, seen here ready for a boat building project, is easily mixed at 1:1 by volume. When thoroughly mixed the epoxy cures in five minutes at room temperature.

“Quick setting epoxy is important, as it speeds up the whole creative process,” Viv explains. “People often ask me ‘how long does it take to make each piece?’ My reply is usually ‘too long’ because I don’t stop until it is exactly as I want it. Being able to save time by securing pieces quickly with the confidence of a powerful bond allows me more time at the lathe and less time waiting for the epoxy to set.

WEST SYSTEM G/5 epoxy is very easy to use,” he says. “A basic 1:1 ratio by volume makes mixing straightforward, even in very small amounts and the flow rate is ideal for what I need. The set is strong and holds metal trims securely to wood. I don’t use very much on each piece, so a whole pack can last a year or more.”

Viv - a keen user of epoxy resin - and a bowl he's crafted.

Viv’s portfolio ranges from simple bowls like this to delicate pieces made in exotic timber.He likes to blend different types of wood together within the same piece.

Wood turner, Viv, uses epoxy resin for his specialist projects

Viv with a collection of his latest works that will be shown at a local craft exhibition.

Viv works in a variety of timbers, choosing pieces for the flow of the grain and often mixes two or more types of wood together for striking effects. He continually experiments, looking for new ways to create eye-catching pieces that stand out from the rest. His portfolio ranges from stylish bowls, candlesticks and vases right through to hollow multi-segment ornaments.

You can see examples of Viv’s work at local craft fairs in and around Hampshire, with details of forthcoming events on his website:

Viv shows off his workmanship.

G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive is ideal for securing this pewter rim to the edge of this bowl. Note the rich red colour of the hardwood timber (padouk).

Viv's beautiful work made with epoxy resin

Surrounding the bowl are some more examples of decorative and pewter trims held on with G/5 Five-Minute Adhesive.

Custom made by Viv Broughton

Personalised items. Home owners like to have pieces that are not only unique but also custom made to decorate their particular style of living space. Check out a collection of ornaments on Viv’s website gallery.

Viv's vase More stunning workmanship from Viv

Viv likes to mix different woods in the same piece where possible.

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