What have peanut butter, ketchup, syrup and mayonnaise got to do with epoxy resin?


By keeping these four kitchen cupboard favourites in mind, you’ll ensure your thickened epoxy is the right consistency, every time.  

Thickened epoxy – a mix of resin and hardener with filler added – has a huge range of uses. By varying the amount of filler you use, you can alter the consistency of the epoxy and use it for everything from filling to filleting, on materials from fibreglass to plywood.

But how do you know which consistency is right for you? And what do you need to bear in mind when you’re thickening your epoxy? Simple: just think of four basic foods you’ve probably got in your kitchen cupboard right now.

Syrup refers to unthickened epoxy – without any filler added. It drips off a vertical surface and can be used for coating, wetting out before bonding a joint, and bonding fabrics including fibreglass and graphite.

epoxy resin

Syrup epoxy consistency

Ketchup refers to slightly thickened epoxy, with small amount of filler added to the mixed resin and hardener. It will sag down on a vertical surface. And it’s useful for laminating and bonding flat panels with large surface areas, and for injecting into your work using a syringe.

epoxy resin

Ketchup epoxy consistency

Mayonnaise refers to a thicker epoxy mix that will cling to vertical surfaces, but if you pull it into peaks the peaks will collapse. It’s useful for bonding and filleting.

epoxy resin

Mayonnaise epoxy consistency

Peanut butter refers to epoxy mixed to a thickened consistency  that will cling to vertical surfaces, and if you pull it into peaks the peaks will hold firm. And, it’s ideal for filling gaps, fairing and bonding uneven surfaces – and for creating the perfect fillet joint.

epoxy resin

Peanut butter epoxy consistency


Introducing the WEST SYSTEM 101 mini pack

You’ll find everything you need to create the perfect thickened epoxy mix in your WEST SYSTEM 101 Mini Pack. This handy pack contains:

  • 403 Microfibres, a strong fine fibre filler, perfect for creating wood joints
  • 407 Low-Density filler, used to create fairing putties that are easy to smooth or carve
  • 105 Resin, the flagship, high-strength West System epoxy resin
epoxy resin

The WEST SYSTEM 101 Mini Pack

  • 205 Hardener, a very flexible, medium viscosity curing agent
  • Calibrated measuring pots, which make it simple to work accurately
  • Nitrile protective gloves, to help you avoid skin contact with epoxy
  • Polypropylene mixing sticks, to ensure all elements are completely combined – however strong your mix.
  • Syringes, ideal for accurately applying small amounts of resin.

For everything you need to prepare the perfect thickened epoxy for your needs, find your nearest WEST SYSTEM epoxy stockist


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