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Respect for clients, associates and suppliers is the cornerstone of Ocean Marine’s successful and growing business. The company, which was founded by Mr. Haris Kyriakides in Limassol, Cyprus in 1990, supplies leading marine products, brands and services to customers across the island, including WEST SYSTEM® epoxy products.

After I came back from studying business in the UK in 1990, I set up Ocean Marine Equipment Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus. Although it’s a coastal city, the local market for marine products was very small. With no local boat manufacturing industry, we decided to focus on serving the imported yachts berthed in our few local marinas.

We started out by looking at what was missing from the market in Cyprus and where the immediate opportunities were. We started stocking important marine products and equipment that you couldn’t get here previously and this strategy has allowed us to grow alongside the local yachting scene, which is now much bigger than it used to be.

From a small start-up to an established marine business

From our small beginnings, we are now established as one of the leading companies in the marine sector in all Cyprus. Our great reputation is based on our industry expertise but also on our excellent technical knowledge and aftersales services. Our customers know that we can support them with advice and guidance for any type of project and that we recommend products that give them the very best results every time.

Expanding the product portfolio with leading brands

We continue to add to the list of products and services we offer and one of the most recent additions to our portfolio is WEST SYSTEM epoxy. We began our relationship with West System International in 2014. Since then, we’ve already seen a growing demand for their products and our local client base is expanding rapidly. In fact, we don’t just have marine clients for WEST SYSTEM products – we also have clients from other areas, such as woodworking, handicrafts and more.

One of the great advantages of WEST SYSTEM products for our customers is that it’s extremely easy to use. You can be a first-time user and still achieve excellent results, which is partly why WEST SYSTEM products are so successful and so highly regarded.

Providing the technical support customers need

We add a lot of value for our customers by providing all the technical support and training they need. We also spend time with customers to talk about best practices we’ve seen, helping them succeed with their own projects. It’s important to remember that not everyone is a professional and this type of advice and help is often greatly appreciated, whether it relates to which products to use, or how to mix and apply them.

By helping our customers to achieve the best results, we are gradually increasing our base of repeat customers all over Cyprus. Marketing is half the battle but the fact we provide great technical advice and support is also key to our success.

 A business built on respect

We have built our business on respect, especially for our customers, associates and suppliers. Part of that respect is about providing the best quality marine products and services available, which has definitely paid off over the years and we have extremely loyal clients here. The WEST SYSTEM brand fits perfectly into that vision of quality and respect and it’s just another reason why we’ve been able to build such a successful business.

Looking to the future, we are always updating our skills and knowledge so we can deliver even better advice and services for our customers. I’ll also continue to look after my customers personally to preserve all the fantastic relationships we’ve built. Of course, we’ll always stay highly competitive on prices to build even more value and loyalty among our customers.

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If you have a technical enquiry or want to learn more about WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET products, find the support pages on the West System International website.



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