Reinforcing a keel with epoxy filler


Boatbuilder Agur Paesuld is currently embarking on his latest boatbuilding venture, building a Wharram Tiki 21 catamaran – with nothing but the paper plans. ‘From Paper to Water’ is tagline of his blog, where he documents each stage of his build process.

Through a variety of photos and time-lapse videos, we’re following Agur as he gets closer to the day he can finally put Tiki Itatae on the water.

In this video, Agur shows us the process of reinforcing the keel, a task he refers to as “stuffing the giant taco”. In the condensed time-lapse video, we see Agur apply WEST SYSTEM® epoxy/407 Low Density filler mix to the keel in just a minute.

TIKI ITATAE – reinforcing the keel from Info Design Lab on Vimeo.

Agur also has some great tips on using epoxy, check out his preparation post for lessons learned from his epoxy use.


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