Building my ‘Daydream’ with epoxy resin – by Keith McIlwain


Which WEST SYSTEM or PRO-SET epoxy products did you use? How did they help?

WEST SYSTEM epoxy was used in many ways throughout the build. Sometimes neat for gluing or sheathing the hull in glass cloth, with colloidal silica for structural fillets or with 409 Microsphere for filling and faring. Once I had learnt the appropriate techniques for the different tasks I found the epoxy very easy to use. I am absolutely confident that the resulting boat will stand the test of time.


What was the most rewarding part of the project?

The successful launch of ‘Daydream’ was intensely rewarding, however, the most satisfying stage of the build process itself came about when the hull received its final coat of paint. Preparation is everything where finishing is concerned. The final coat of paint was applied following more than a week of filling, faring and sanding by many willing hands. Hopefully the finish achieved reflects the time invested!

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