Bespoke brushes


How to adapt your glue brush for a delicate repair on a small surface.

Hamish, one of West System International’s Technical Team, has a solution for those times when accurate application of epoxy on a small surface is key – trim your bristles!

WEST SYSTEM 803 Glue Brushes have one inch bristles which are excellent for priming fillet joints, etc. But sometimes the brushes aren’t accurate enough when you need to apply epoxy onto a very small surface area. Recently I needed to repair the arms on a garden gnome (it’s a long story!), the surface area to which I needed to apply epoxy was tiny, just 2mm, so my brush with 1” bristles wasn’t going to allow for an accurate application on such a small area. The solution is simple, trim your bristles to around 3mm to 5mm long and you’ll create a bespoke stippling brush that avoids splayed bristles, making it easy to do a clean, neat job.” 

The area of the gnome that needed repairing

As well as gnomes, this technique works well for small repairs on timber or composite.

Fully repaired gnome

We’ve also noted that cut down like this, these brushes make excellent makeshift nail brushes – although don’t use one you’ve already used for our epoxy products!


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