Baking a Surfboard (ENTROPY RESINS)


ENTROPY RESINS® is cooking up more than a few dedicated followers in Italy.

You can clearly tell that ENTROPY RESINS is a surf-business epoxy given the number of manufacturers around the world who are using it to laminate their boards.

And, you’ll be pleased to know, we offer a completely free technical advice service to support the use of ENTROPY RESINS.

Lucio Vardabasso from Solar Surfboards, Italy, decided to use ENTROPY RESINS to laminate and hot coat his boards. He got in touch for technical help with sticky epoxy. He’d found that after the hot coating (the last glassing process done with brush) the board remained a little sticky.

“I can leave a mark on it with my nail even after a couple of days which makes it very difficult to sand,” Lucio said, before joking “maybe I should put it in the oven?”

But that’s exactly what he was advised to do by David Johnson our technical guru. According to David: “An eight-hour bake (post cure) is perfect, as long as the cook’s careful not to overheat the foam. I’d start at 35°C and maybe raise to 50°C max if you’re confident of the oven’s temperature. When you sand it, hit it first with 80 grit to break the glaze on the surface before going back to what you’re used to. But make sure you test the oven first!”

That’s exactly what Lucio did after building a special oven from plywood insulated with the same eps foam used in his boards. With a few simple adjustments to the process, he’s ‘very satisfied’ with the outcome. As for the abstract art? That’s overspill pattern which we reckon could probably sell for a million or more. Almost as beautiful as Solar boards.

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