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To his customers in Croatia, he’s known simply as “WEST SYSTEM man”. We talk to Yacht Center Adriatic Managing Director Tomislav Gjurinski about his proud association with the WEST SYSTEM® brand and why providing top-rate knowledge and support goes hand in hand with supplying the best products.

It’s over 10 years now since I started Yacht Center Adriatic (YCA) and the time has really flown by. When I look back on the past decade, the feeling I have most is pride. It was a big gamble for me to start my own business and a few of my colleagues at the time thought it would be too risky but it’s proven to be the best decision I could’ve made.

Welcome to the family

Before starting YCA I worked for a chemical company here in Croatia which distributed WEST SYSTEM products. They were looking to shut down that part of the business so I saw an opportunity for me to take it over. I didn’t know how to present my business idea to West System International (WSI) but we were at a trade show together and – luckily for me – WSI’s David Johnson guessed my intentions and spoke with Ian Oliver, the Managing Director. At dinner that evening, Ian simply turned to me and said “Welcome to the family!” I believe that my passion for the products and determination to start my own business helped them to make the decision – although I admit it was also very lucky!

Passion is really why I do this job. You get to meet some terrific people in the marine industry and being a part of that network is why I go to work with a smile on my face every day.

My customers like to joke with me and call me “WEST SYSTEM man” but for me it’s a huge compliment. It shows that I’ve built up a good reputation over the years and that they trust my knowledge. It’s also enormously gratifying to be associated with the WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET® brands. They’re a mark of quality and reassurance – my customers know they’re getting the best products so they’re able to do the best job. It’s no coincidence that they’re the first products people see when you visit our website – it’s because they’re the most popular.

Yacht Center AdriaticMaking the difference

Of course, the products are only part of the business. For me, the key to the success of YCA has been providing the highest levels of customer care. It’s important that my customers have as much confidence in me as they do in the products. I try to give the best support I can with technical advice at every opportunity, even if I’m asked about different products that I don’t sell. If I can help, I will.

That’s been my mantra of sorts in business and it’s partly why I enjoy being part of the WSI family so much: we all share a similar philosophy. Supplying the best products is one thing but what really makes us different, I believe, is being generous with our knowledge and giving the best support.


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