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When Petros Dracopoulos started working for marine distributor Delos, he was “the kid that had to do everything”. Some 15 years later, however, he became Managing Director. Here, he tells us how his family business in Greece has gone from strength to strength over the years – and how the products they sell are trusted for everything from boat decks to swimming pool repairs.

It was 1970 when my parents first started the Delos business. They started out as chandlers, selling marine products to a small network of contacts in the yacht industry. Over the years we’ve diversified and today we sell to yacht stores, boatyards, professional boatbuilders and also DIY stores throughout Greece.

Delos has been a family business since day one. However, that doesn’t mean that I got any special treatment when I joined in the 1980s. I started out as “the kid that had to do everything”. I needed to work hard, from the bottom up!

Great products for tough times

It was around the same time I joined that we started selling WEST SYSTEM® epoxy products. I believe WEST SYSTEM products are one of the best quality epoxy brands on the market; we’re honoured to work with this kind of company. In a country like Greece where the economy has been uncertain for some time, people need to be able to trust that the products we sell will give them a good quality result. WEST SYSTEM epoxy certainly offers them that quality assurance.

Most of our customers buy WEST SYSTEM products for repairs. However, it’s not just boat repairs they use it for. We’ve found it’s excellent at sealing water tanks and fixing concrete. What’s more, over the last five years I know of around 25 different instances of WEST SYSTEM epoxy being used for swimming pool repairs.

We recommend that any cracks in the pool are fixed and then the whole of the inside of the pool is coated with WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin® mixed with 206 Slow Hardener®, along with 422 Barrier Coat Additive™. It’s much like an osmosis treatment on a boat; it creates an excellent seal against moisture.

Of course, in a cooler climate you might prefer to use WEST SYSTEM 205 Fast Hardener™. Here in Greece, however, the consistent 35°C heat means that 95% of our customers prefer the slower version!

“It’s why we’ve been around for 45 years”

Importantly, we’re big believers in helping our customers learn how to use the products that we sell. We have a technical team in our yacht division, which offers support on all our products almost every day of the year. Our customers can call us to ask questions, or – if they’re nearby – we can visit them and help them mix up the first batches of epoxy or whatever the product may be.

Delos S.AI know this helpful attitude is something they have at West System International, too. Gary and David have visited us two or three times now and they are the best guys; they give very clear and valuable advice. I think they are such an asset to their company.

For Delos, I believe good products plus good service is why our company has grown and continues to thrive, even in a tough market. We state our values very clearly on our company website – Courage, Responsibility, Teamwork, Passion and Togetherness. I think working with this ethic is the only way to do a good job; the companies we represent deserve this from us. It’s what leads to faithful customers – and it’s why we’ve been around for more than 45 years.


You can learn more about Delos by visiting or emailing

In the area? Visit Petros and the team at Area Gkonetsa, PO Box 293, 190 03 Markopoulo Mesogaias, Attica, Greece.

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